Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
fe::ActionGroupTriggerHelper to control grouping of text editing actions in editor
fe::CachingTextIteratorCaching iterator over editor's text
fe::castResourceHandle< Type >Helper to cast ResourceHandle* to some specific type
fe::CellInfoParameters of a text character
fe::CharClassConfigurator< ErrorType, ICharacterClassBuilderAutoPtrType, ICharacterClassAutoPtrType >Helper class to simplify character class configuration
fe::CreateEditorArgsArguments for Fe_CreateEditor()
fe::DecoratorFilterStubStubbed fe::IDecoratorFilter implementation
fe::DecoratorStubStubbed fe::IDecorator implementation
fe::DecorMetricsWrapper for attributes of a decorated part of text line
fe::EditorFacadeListenerProxyProxy fe::IEditorFacadeListener implementation
fe::EditorFacadeListenerStubStubbed fe::IEditorFacadeListener implementation
fe::EditorFacadePeerBase< nothrow >Main class to access editor from user code
fe::EditorFacadePolicyEditor configuration
fe::enc_traits_utf16< CodeUnitType >UTF16 encoding traits
fe::enc_traits_utf8< CodeUnitType >UTF8 encoding traits
fe::FeErrorEditor error
fe::FontDescPlatform independent font description
fe::HitTestResult of a point hit test within an editor's window
fe::ICharacterClassCharacter class
fe::ICharacterClassBuilderCharacter class builder
fe::ICharacterDecoratorFactoryFactory to create editor extensions providing custom characters decoration
fe::IColorerDecoratorFactoryFactory to create editor extensions encapsulating decorators based on Colorer syntax highlighting and text parsing library
fe::IDecoratorInstructs editor how to render text
fe::IDecoratorExtensionFactoryBase class for factory classes that produce editor extensions that provide multiple text decoration schemes
fe::IDecoratorFilterInstructs editor how to render text filtering output of another fe::IDecorator
fe::IDecoratorListenerEditor provided listener to gather information on a text line decoration
fe::IEditorFacadeMain editor interface
fe::IEditorFacadeListenerThe listener class for receiving editor events
fe::IEditorFacadeTaskProvides common protocol for objects that wish to perform some action in the context of the thread running editor's event loop
fe::IExtensionInterface to control external components customizing editor from outside of an editor
fe::IExtensionFactoryBase class of all editor extension factories
fe::IFontEnumeratorFont enumerator
fe::IFontMapperFont mapper
fe::IPluggableInterface to control external components from within an editor
fe::IResourceLifecycleResource lifecycle
fe::IResourcePoolResource pool
fe::IScintillaDecoratorFactoryFactory to create editor extensions encapsulating decorators based on Scintilla lexers
fe::IStringSourceAn abstraction of a series of fe::String-s
fe::ISubstringDecoratorInterface to provide custom decoration of the part of a text line
fe::ISubstringDecorator::SubstrInfoVisual attributes of custom decorated part of a text line
fe::ISubstringFillerInterface to provide custom filling of the part of a text line segment
fe::ITextIteratorIterator over editor's text
fe::ITextScalerFactoryFactory to create text scaler editor extension
fe::LineInfoParameters of a text line segment
fe::PeerBaseRAII for FeHandle* value
fe::PlatformTypesA scope for platform specific typedef-s
fe::ProxyBase< T >Helper base class for proxy classes
fe::ReadOnlyTriggerHelper to control interactive text modifications in editor
fe::ResourceResource entity
fe::ResourceDescResource description
fe::SingleItemStringSourcefe::IStringSource-based facade for fe::String instance
fe::StringUnmanaged byte array
fe::SubstringPart of editor's text line
fe::TextIteratorProxyProxy fe::ITextIterator implementation
fe::TextStyleDefines a set of styles that editor should apply to a part of a text line
fe::UTF32Iterator< EncTraits, Forward >Iterates over UTF-encoded code unit sequence and reads UTF32-encoded characters from it

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